Julie Ferman

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Julie Ferman; Founder
Julie Ferman, personal matchmaker and dating coach.
Dr. Tracey
Dr. Tracey meets with Clients in Santa Monica. She brings a Doctorate in Psychology to her work with our Clients, providing dating coaching and image consultations.
Kristine Kittredge
Kristine is here to help with matchmaking, dating coordination and to help you explore dating options in our community. You can reach her at Kristine@julieferman.com or 805-587-3204.
Danielle is our newest addition to our matchmaking staff. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri (Right... where Julie Ferman is from!), Danielle received her Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership and a minor in Communication from Maryville University. Danielle has been naturally gifted from a young age at recognizing people’s potential, which means, she's great at helping YOU discover your true self. Danielle loves building personal relationships, helping people achieve happiness and their true potential in life. Danielle is here to help you complete your Personal Profile, for use here in our matchmaking community, and she'll help you determine the ideal strategy for achieving your personal goals.
Alyson Aliano
Alyson is a professional photographer, specializing in dating photos. She shoots on location, at your home or out and about around town.

Julie Ferman Code of Conduct | Julie Ferman Philosophy

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