Julie Ferman

Move Over Barbie - 50+ women are HOT


Move over Barbie, your MOM is the new ‘hottie’ – Smart, sexy 50+ women are doing very well at LA’s first web-based personal matchmaking service.

Diane Keaton’s character in the hit movie, “Something’s Gotta Give” depicts the very real challenges of the 50+ single woman, exalts her powerful allure, and announces a shift in dating culture in our new millennium.

Who’s turning heads and catching the man at LA’s largest and fastest growing personal matchmaking service? You guessed it - Barbie’s MOM - the smart, feisty, confident, and sexy…50+ woman.

“My mature women are dating more successfully than their younger counterparts” beams Julie Ferman, who measures her Clients’ success in terms of the number of “mutual Yes responses” they receive in their first 60 days on her active Search Program.

Over 12,000 single men and women are currently registered with Julie Ferman, the fastest growing personal introduction service in the U.S. “Those who are in demand, who have a lot of what we call ‘romantic market value’ do very well here,” reports Ferman, 47. “Of the Clients on my Personal Search List, 22% are women over 50, and their 60-day match rate is higher than that of the thirty-something women on the list. WHY? “Because mature women are smart and they make wise, appropriate choices.”

Julie Ferman, took a bold chance in 2001 in launching her new machmaking company, as the only dating service in LA to embrace women over 50. The service is a hybrid between old-world matchmaking and typical modern day Internet dating. Traditional matchmakers set clients up on blind dates, which Ferman calls “a humiliating waste of time, psychic energy, and fingernail polish. I’m much more effective as a ‘possibilities broker,’ presenting Candidates (five or so at a time) to my Personal Search Clients for study and selection. When both he and she click the Yes button, it’s a Match, contact information is revealed, and the pair then connects to explore a romantic possibility.”

Bottom line? Single love-seekers of all ages are welcome at Julie Ferman.

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