Julie Ferman

Seven Secret Strategies for Finding LOVE
by Julie Ferman
Seven Secret Strategies for Finding LOVE
By Julie Ferman, JulieFerman.com

Get out of the house. Learn to be comfortable sitting solo at Barnes and Noble, and over wine or soda at Café Marmelade.

Be a people magnet. Develop your inner flirt. Practice chatting up total strangers at the UPS Store, at the Mobil station, at Trader Joe’s.

Be the initiator. Don’t wait for invitations, rather look for and pounce on those chance encounters, which happen for each of us every day. Have cards printed with your phone number and email address, offer them to those you meet, ask for theirs, and get comfortable reaching out to initiate dates with old and new friends.

Develop your Romance Marketing Plan. Create and follow a proactive strategy to jump-start your love life. Pop online, join a local club or dating agency, throw some parties – do whatever it takes to get your cute face on a date with one or two new, prospective partners each month.

Primp. Get fit, stay fit, care about your hair and what you wear – this is California, where appearances matter, perhaps more than they should. Take those few extra moments before going out to look your best. Get current, flattering photos of the adorable YOU, and have the courage to use them online.

Think possibility. Look for what’s right (not for what’s wrong) with each person you encounter. Always accept invitations, use your ears more than your mouth, make your purpose to enrich and contribute to the life of each person fortunate enough to bump into and be with YOU.

Be happy – Engage in the activities you truly enjoy, keep learning, keep growing, be giving, be loving. Be the type of person you’d like to attract, and watch who shows up!

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