Julie Ferman

Desirable Women: The IT FACTOR
by Julie Ferman
The women who are succeeding in dating and "coupling" typically have one essential element -- call it ATTITUDE or call it SPIRIT or call it POSITIVITY -- the "IT factor" is more of an internal than an external ingredient.

More important than education, physical traits, demographics, or location is that ability (innate or learned) that some women have to:

* See what's RIGHT rather than what's wrong in a man and in life
* Weather the ups and downs of the journey with humor
* Bring forth happiness from within
* Give and love, vs. operating from a "What's in it for me?" attitude

In the 15 years I've been bringing people together professionally, there are two elements which I've found to be the "kiss of death" in dating and relating for most women:

1) An unappealing visual "package" -- yep, sad as it may be, men are visual and especially in today's complex, media crazed culture, looks and physical appearance do matter. Women who are overweight or who don't take that extra time and care to look their best do tend to get overlooked or rejected.

2) A negative, bitter, angry, unhappy, closed-minded attitude. This is far more damaging to the love search process than an extra 40 pounds. Regardless of how beautiful, smart, educated, or talented a woman is, if who she is on the inside is a "taker" or a "downer" -- well, she'll likely be alone for a long time.

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