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The Julie Ferman Introduction Process
by Julie Ferman
The Julie Ferman Personal Search Process

We’re so pleased you’re considering joining us as a Julie Ferman Client. The purpose of our upcoming consultation is twofold:

1.We get to know you -- your strengths, weaknesses, preferences, goals, and desires.

2. We get to help you make a decision–an important and potentially life changing decision about whether or not to engage our company in our personal search process. Our job is to help you make a good, solid decision.

If you qualify and if you are invited to become our Personal Search Client, and if you elect to hire us, we will then be engaging in a search process together. At that point, we will be in partnership, working together to help you achieve your goals for dating and relationship.

In this Introductory Guide we have addressed the most frequently asked questions that are commonly on the minds of our prospective Clients. Please read through this guide prior to our consultation.

Do We Make Matches?
Is Julie Ferman a Matchmaking agency? Well, not really…Our process here isn’t really traditional matchmaking, because we can’t really “Make a Match” for you. The old world matchmaker would place you on a blind date with a total stranger, saying “Here’s your future mate – now, go love each other, forever.” We’re not convinced that this approach would work well in our modern day American culture…, so we’ve created, sculpted, and built out an introduction and dating coaching proess that has produced thousands of relationships – these systems and processes continue to evolve as our culture does and as our clients present us with new challenges, situations, great new ideas and opportunities for development.

At Julie Ferman we think of ourselves more as Relationship Enablers. Over the specified number of months we have to work together with our Clients, we have two functions, equally as important and equally as valuable: Personal Introductions and Coaching.
Personal Introductions: If you become our Client, our job will be to provide for you the most fitting introductions we possibly can, given these four elements:
1. Who you are.
2. The type of person you’re hoping to meet and engage with in relationship.
3. Who’s available to us at that moment in time when we’re searching for you.
4. Who is also interested in and attracted to you.

Blind Dates? Nope, not here. Most personal introduction agencies are in the business of providing blind dates, in which case, as the Client you would be set up on a first date with a stranger about whom you know very little, and most matchmaking agencies elect not to show photos prior to the initial introduction – both of you are in the dark on the physical attraction element.

The Julie Ferman Mutual Selection Process: Here in our world, we operate under the premise that our introductions will be stronger if you’ve both had the opportunity to really study each other inside and out first, giving you both the opportunity to accept or veto the match.

Coaching and Guiding: Dating is a process. Working together with an introduction agency is a process too. Throughout this journey, working together over time, through the introductions we do together and through the emails, voice mails, and conversations we have together, we will be getting to know you, your preferences, behavioral style, strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots – we all have blind spots, and part of our job is to help you grow and evolve all along the way as you engage in the pursuit of romance and relationship.

Are you willing to stretch and to grow? Are you open to learning if there’s something you’re doing or something in your current belief system that seems to be limiting you? Our coaching process is at least as important as the introductions we’ll be doing together, and we need and so appreciate your partnership in your own personal growth and evolution from single life to ideally…loving relationship.

What we can’t provide: I’ve been introducing men and women to each other since 1990, with over 1140 marriages, countless relationships and babies born, and a treasure chest of stories and lessons. Very often, I find that my Client is hoping for, and really expecting that we can deliver the perfect partner…and right away, in the first month or surely in the first few months. Well, sometimes it happens just that way; our VIP Search client, Margaret entered into a year-long VIP recruiting program with us and BOOM, the very first person she met she married. WOW. We love it when it happens that way. But you know who she married? John, who was our VIP Search client four years ago.

Long Term Perspective: I’ve stopped trying to guess which of our Clients will sail off into relationship early on (as Margaret and Melanie did, in their first few months with us, or as Monika did five months into our Search Process, and as Jim did – finding his bride in his very first month with us) and which of them might still be single months or years later. Because honestly and truly – we can’t predict the course that our new client’s search program will take. As much as we try to control and systematize our personal search process, there are plenty of variables that we can’t manage fully – mutual attraction, timing, erroneous judgments, and missed opportunities which may occur for our Client.

We have a long term perspective with regard to your love life. If finding the ideal partner was easy, you wouldn’t be engaging in us in this conversation; in fact, the dating industry wouldn’t be in existence at all. The issues we’re dealing with are complex and we need your patience, trust, communication, and partnership in order to maximize the results we can create together.

We can’t promise relationship: No introduction agency can promise love or relationship. We don’t have a money-back-guarantee, and I’m not aware of any agency that does.

Clients? Members? Who will you be meeting? We have gathered here under our Julie Ferman umbrella the largest collection of single relationship seekers of any agency in the entire state of California. We have both Clients and Members here in our community. Clients are people who are currently engaged in a personal search program with us, or who have been Clients in the past. They’ve hired us to search proactively for them. We also have a sizable collection of passive referral Members – men and women who have registered with us, who are enthused about the possibility of meeting some of our Clients, but for whom we are not searching or working for proactively.

How much does it cost to become a Julie Ferman Client? We offer a wide variety of search services, after qualification and by invitation only. Our services range from simple, short term introductory packages to VIP recruiting services. We can’t and we won’t quote fees to you as a prospective Client until we’ve had the chance to determine together the most fitting service level for your particular situation. If your love life is important to you, if you are stable and comfortable financially, and if your expectations are in line with what we feel we can provide together, we’ll decide together if our services are an ideal fit for you and visa versa. We love to help you make this important decision.

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