Julie Ferman

Julie Ferman's Corner : Julie Ferman's Dating Morsels

The Julie Ferman Introduction Process
We ask our prospective Clients to review this Guide prior to our initial Julie Ferman Consultation.
Communication: How do YOU like it?
Text messages? Emails? Voice Mails? Real phone calls? We're driving each other crazy. Solutions here.
Romance Marketing Plan
Have fun creating your own romance marketing plan, using Julie's guidelines. Focus on who YOU are and what YOU can do to optimize your opportunities for love and romance!
The BUSY Factor
We're all so busy. It's crazy. And it's hurting our love lives. Read on.
Long Distance Dating
Long distance dating -- is it worth the trouble?
Desirable Women: The IT FACTOR
Women who are succeeding in dating and coupling -- what's the secret? What are they doing RIGHT?
Seven Secret Strategies for Finding LOVE
In a nutshell...
Cherry Norris answers this HOT question for us
Am I Being Too Picky?
Wonder if you're pickying yourself onto the sidelines? Check it out...
A Shortage of Women?
The demos have shifted, ladies and gentlemen...the WOMEN now have the upper hand...!
Single and OK with it!
What do singles want these days? Marriage? Friendship? Free love? The statistics show...
Move Over Barbie - 50+ women are HOT
The film "Something's Gotta Give" stirred up the age-old age issue. How are 50+ women really doing in the dating world?
Andy Rooney on the Benefits Older Women Offer
Andy Rooney likes older women. Read on to see why...!

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