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"In Synch with the Opposite Sex" with Alison Armstrong  

Sunday, July 31, 2005, 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM

LAX Hotel
$75.00 per person IN ADVANCE

This is an invitation for Cupid's Coach MEN (and for women who have completed the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women weekend workshop)

Gentlemen, how would you like to spend the day with 145 women who LOVE men?

This is a fabulous new program called "In Sync with the Opposite Sex: A Workshop for Singles" and is lead by the amazing Alison Armstrong. If you've not met her yet...well, stop everything and sign up for this program.

This workshop is for men, and for women who are graduates of the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop. The company offering this workshop, PAX Programs, has been teaching women to understand and appreciate men for over 10 years. They are now offering co-ed workshops and have started teaching men and women to understand each other. The first of these co-ed workshops was such a smash hit that Alison is doing it again!

My experience of the women who attend PAX workshops is that they have a newfound appreciation and understanding of men...and they're happier and more successful in the dating and relationship process as a result. Sure does make my job a joy!!

LOTS more women than men are registered for this program, so...if you're a GUY...be there!

A DEAL FOR YOU! PAX is offering a Special Offer to men associated with Cupids Coach. The regular tuition is $145. If you register by July 18 using the link below, you and single men you invite can attend for only $75…and attend the Mixer following the workshop! Our photographer will be at the mixer for all who need a great, current photo for the CupidsCoach.com website.

Get the keys to fun, intimate and satisfying interactions throughout the dating process!

Sunday, July 31, 9AM til 5:30 p.m. followed by a social MIXER for workshop attendees!

LOCATION: an LAX area hotel.

$75 for Cupid’s Coach men, until July 27 ($145 Value). After July 27 or at the door (space permitting) $125.

Register for In Sync with the Opposite Sex and:
· Unravel the mixed messages you receive.
· Get to the deal breakers early on, before anybody gets hurt.
· Avoid coming on too strong and know how to deal with someone who does.
· Eliminate the pitfalls inherent in pursuing the one you want.
· Be more self-expressed and less misunderstood!
· Learn how to get what you need from your dating counterparts.
· Avoid being tripped up by the benchmarks and timelines of dating and relationships.
· Understand how false advertising sabotages your efforts to have satisfying relationships.
· And much, much more…

$75 for men of Cupid’s Coach until July 27 ($145 Value)


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