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Monday Evening, Dr. Pat Allen's Therapeutic Theatre  

Monday, March 28, 2011, 6:45 PM to 8:30 PM

$15 at the door
The Odyssey Theatre
2055 South Sepulveda (at Olympic Boulevard)
West Los Angeles, California
$15.00 per person IN ADVANCE

Join Julie Ferman, Cupid's Coach for this Monday's Dr. Pat Allen show and for the mixer afterward. Men, women, single or in relationship -- we're all invited. Whether you're a Dr. Pat Allen "virgin" or a regular, we'd love to see you. Our Cupid's Coach clients and members are having SO much fun learning with Dr. Pat.

$15 at the door.

Are you confused about love?

Do you have it all, but no one to share it with?

Join us on Monday evening as we listen, learn and laugh out loud with psychotherapist-author Pat Allen who fields questions about love, sex and relating every Monday night in Los Angeles.

"Men can't think and feel at the same time," Allen jibes. "So when we're having a good time on a date, we know it right away. We think the man's been on the date with us. Truth is, it may take six to eight weeks for him to distill the experience and call us back. It's like a boa constrictor feeding off one mouse for a week."

Allen started her therapeutic shtick in Orange County, California over 30 years ago and has been gathering an ever-growing following ever since. She uses a blend of humor and outrageousness to cut through the psychobabble. Sex without commitment is foolish, she assures us, though sex for money is okay — as long as both parties are in agreement. A relationship doesn't dissolve; it discombobulates. The penis a magic wand. And the women (and a sprinkling of men) howl at her frankness.

In Los Angeles at the Odyssey Theatre....

"Monday Nights With Dr. Pat Allen." An open forum. Bring your questions about relationship issues and interpersonal communication. Or better yet, step down to the stage and have a one-on-one personal therapy session. See and hear nationally known therapist, author and lecturer Dr. Pat Allen explain her unique theories on how male and female energies interact in a relationship, and pounce on the question: Have we lost our ability to mate and relate?

•An evening for singles and couples
•Men and women in the new "Sex in the City" millennium
•Laugh and learn how to avoid bad relationships and how to keep good relationships together
•Discover how the masculine and feminine roles affect the dynamics of a relationship
•Stop doing a slam dance with your mate and learn how to waltz
The Odyssey Theatre
2055 South Sepulveda (at Olympic Boulevard)
West Los Angeles, California
Except Major Holidays
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7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
$15 admission at the door


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