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A-HA Moments with Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Coach  

Wednesday, July 06, 2016, 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

By Phone, wherever you are on the planet
$.00 per person

Join Julie Ferman for her monthly tele-seminar -- it's free, and once you've registered for it, even if you miss it, no worries, we'll email it to you. Here's this month's topic:

Understanding Loyalty, Team and Male Etiquette: Men and Women have fundamentally different point of view regarding teams, loyalty and competition. Learn the distinction and find creative ways to get everyone "behind the plan."

During 2016, as part of Julie's ongoing study with Alison Armstrong, founder of PAX Programs, our focus is all on ... Men. We love men. We want to have great men in our lives.

But... sometimes we blow it with them, though, don't we?

We want to attract the right men and repel the wrong men, and sometimes what happens is... the opposite.

What if much of the way men show up around us is a function of how we are being, as women?

How might we be as women that could bring out the best in men, while also serving to bring us more internal peace and happiness?

Do we have more power than we thought, to influence who men show up to be around us?

When a man does something that rubs us the wrong way, when he does something that we don't understand, what if we discovered that he he a very good reason for doing it? These are the kinds of questions we're exploring together this year.

This is a Tele-Seminar, by phone. Register for the call, and even if you miss it live, we'll send it to you afterward.

Since you're dating these creatures, let's take an hour together to examine and explore them together in AHA fashion.


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