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All-Day Adventure with Julie Ferman. Santa Fe, NM  

Saturday, February 04, 2023, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Santa Fe. Las Campanas
$1450.00 per person IN ADVANCE

All Day Retreat, 9AM - 9PM

Join Julie Ferman for an entire day in beautiful Santa Fe, NM.

The purpose: To launch the next chapter in your dating adventure.

There might be one participant, there might be several, but typically not more than six.

All ages, all flavors welcome. Each retreat is thoroughly unique - designed, sculpted and curated based on who the participants are.

Elements of the Retreat:
A hike / a walk in nature.
Lovely snacks, all day long.
Lunch with Julie and Gil Ferman
Fireside Discovery Session
Conversational Quickies Dinner Party.
New Photos of the adorable YOU.
Journaling. Coaching. Roleplaying.
A deep-dive into you. Visioning, Strategizing.
Your profile, created, updated, sculpted, polished.
Insights, new meaningful connections.
Laughter. A whole lot of it !!

Together, we will:
Create or recreate your personal profile for your matchmaking or online dating avenue.
Take lovely new dating photos together.
BE in nature. We'll have a gorgeous walk or hike together.
ENJOY time in nature for reflecting, journaling, meditating.
DINE with Gil and Julie Ferman over lunch and over dinner via a Conversational Quickies Table Topics event. Julie invites guests based on who's at the retreat...You'll meet potential candidates and new friends.

Take with you from the retreat adventure:
Your Personal Plan for Your Dating Journey over the coming 6 - 12 months.

Photos of the one and only YOU.

VOILA: Your personal profile, authentically and inspiringly representative of who you are today, written with Julie.

Communication Skills: Expanded capacity for courageous, compassionate communication.

Clarity regarding who you truly are, how you truly want to love and be loved, and practice articulating via roleplay exercises.

Retreat participants will pay for their own lodging and transportation at a Santa Fe hotel or BNB. Julie will help you choose the perfect spot.

Snacks, water, lunch and dinner included for Saturday's all day / evening adventure.

Note: Once scheduled and paid for, retreat payments are transferrable but non-refundable after three business days.
Payable by Paypal, Venmo or check.

Questions? Email Julie@JulieFerman.com

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