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Get-Your-Act-Together-For-Dating Boot Camp  

Monday, April 15, 2024, 12:00 PM to 12:00 PM

Online. It's a virtual Boot Camp Workshop. From your home, in your Boxer Shorts / Sweat Pants :)
$2500.00 per person IN ADVANCE

Get-Your-Act-Together-For-Dating 60-Day Boot Camp
with Julie Ferman, Cupid's Coach

WHY spend 60-days studying with Julie Ferman?

Like my mama always said, "If you're gonna do something, do it well or don't bother to do it." You may be NEW at dating. You may have been doing it for a while, wondering why it's not going your way.

This class is for you IF you are growth-oriented and sincerely want to do dating well, maximizing the chances of a delightful journey through the dating process, paving the way for the relationship that's in your future. Together we will:

1. Find Your Blind Spots. We can't see our own. Julie has a bird's eye perspective on dating in today's wild world and she'll help you see where you are in the landscape.

2. Clarify, Articulate, Portray who you are and the type of people you would be wise to be meeting and dating. Julie will help you create your Personal Profile - the words to use on your matchmaking profile or your online dating profile. Portraying the authentic you, in the language and imagery you choose to use on your profile.

3. Develop your Romance Marketing Plan - your unique, strategic action plan for doing dating well over the coming 3-6 months of your life.

Your 60-Day Boot Camp includes:

* Four private, Zoom Consultations with Julie Ferman, during the course of Boot Camp.

* Weekly One-Hour Video Course Lessons, emailed to you on Friday
mornings, each week. Available to you by link each week, anytime you'd like to jump in on the week's lesson. Homework? Yep, that's where the revelations are. We study together as a group and in one-on-one sessions and ongoing email support with Julie.

* Weekly Office Hours Access, Live with Julie Ferman and with each other, on Thursdays at 5PM PST and/or Friday mornings at 8AM PST. These calls are beautiful, where much of the value is, and the sessions are not recorded.

* Ongoing weekly email support from Julie, during the Boot Camp window.

Course Schedule:

April 15 - June 15 2024 60-Days OPEN. 60-Day Format
July 15 - August 15 2024 OPEN. 30-Day Format

To reserve your spot and to register for one of these upcoming 60-Day Boot Camp events, Purchase your ticket here.

We are going to Get Your Act Together for Dating.
We are going to HANDLE your love life.
And we’ll do it TOGETHER.

Great News:
Boot Camp is a fantastic alternative to high-level personal search services with Julie. While participating in the Boot Camp does not guarantee personal referrals or an invitation to become a personal search client, Julie makes every effort to provide Mitzvah Match referrals and event opportunities for her Boot Camp Participants during your course and beyond.


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