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What About Your Events?

Who comes to Julie Ferman events? Age? What to wear?
Unless specified for a particular event, Julie Ferman events are open and attended by ALL AGES. Most of the folks at Julie Ferman events are 30's, 40's, and 50's. Half under 45, half over 45, and we tend to have an even split between men and women.

Occasionally we plan events specifically for the "youngsters" -- those in the under 45 zone who typically want to have kiddos, or specifically for the "grown ups" who are 45+, who are typically not interested in having kiddos. Unless specified it's about half "youngsters" and half "grown-ups".

What to wear to our events? Something flattering -- you never know who might be there...! Take the time to look your best at our events, as each of our Julie Ferman events is a "photo opportunity" It's free to use our photos on our Julie Ferman website and we'll email you afterward with simple instructions on how to use these photos elsewhere too.

Events are open to all - bring your friends, and unless otherwise specified on the event page on the site, it's OK to show up "at the door" though you'll save money and a line at the door by making advance reservations online here: http://julieferman.com/FutureEvents.asp

What email address should I use when I'm purchasing a ticket on your website?
Please use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS address you've entered into your profile to avoid creating a duplicate profile for you.

Why won't the shopping cart let me buy a ticket to an event?
If it appears the "Shopping Cart" is already full with something other than the event for which you are trying to buy a ticket, put a check mark in the "remove" box", hit "update quantities", go back to shopping cart, and try again.

When I try to buy a ticket, the site keeps taking me to a place in which I'm to enter a friend's name. I want just one ticket.
The shopping cart can be a little tricky and we're working on improvements. In the meantime, here are a couple of options: You can send a check for the event amount to our mailing address: Julie Ferman, 638 Lindero Cyn Rd, #392, Oak Park, CA 91377. Or you can call your credit card in to us at 805-371-9557. Or we're happy to put you on our "pay at the door list" for the advance price amount.

When I am buying a ticket at the last minute will I receive the ticket in time?
You will never be sent a ticket. Your online purchase alerts us to add you to our "paid attendee" registration list. When you check in at the door, we will confirm you have already paid.

I'm not sure what to do at an event...How do I meet people?
Everyone is a little nervous...Make eye contact and have a warm smile for someone you find appealing. Approach that person and start a conversation about anything easy...an article of clothing, what they are drinking, the music, the exhibitors, etc. Don't give up early in the evening and leave, thinking you'll never find anyone attractive or they're all too young or too old, etc. Folks of all ages and types will arrive later in the evening.

If you have some "down time" with no gents or gals around, relax, smile, and look approachable or go chat with folks of your own gender - more new friends! If you don't connect with anyone, don't feel discouraged or down on yourself. Congratulate yourself for having done it, and having one more adventure and learning experience "under your belt! - it gets easier!

Why do I have to give my name, phone, and email address when I check in at your event?
We want to be able to register you in our database (it's free and private!) and to know where to write or call to invite you to future events.

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