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Can We Talk About The Age Issue?

What are the ages of your Clients and Members, and how many people are there in your database?
Currently we have over 20,000 Clients and Members registered with us, ranging from the mid twenties through seventies, and the greatest concentration is in the 30's, 40's, and 50's. Of the total number of single people registered wirh us, 65% are female. We are working actively for 100 clients or so at any given time, and that group is usually split evenly between men and women.

What about the AGE issue?
The AGE issue is a sensitive and complex one. Here's how we handle it here at JulieFerman.com. Each of our Clients and Members has the choice as to whether or not to REVEAL age on his or her Resume. We will NOT LIE, however, and if the Client or Member has chosen NOT to reveal age, we will not share that information.

Current face and body photos are essential to a successful dating experience here. When conducting our active searches for our Personal Search Clients, we pull Candidates according to that particular Client's stated age preferences. If you are selected by someone whose age is not revealed, then we suggest that you study the Candidate fully, inside and out, and make your choice based on whether you are naturally interested in and attracted to this person.

As our single population grows older, we find that age is less important than are the sharing of mutual values, passions, life goals, and that mysterious chemistry component...!

The person I met is OLDER than I'd like...
When we're searching actively for our Personal Search Clients, we are referring Candidates who fit his/her particular preferences, and age is one of the filtering devices we use. The Ladies as well as the Gentlemen these days seem to be attracted to and interested in....youth. So there will be times when someone is targeting You, but not visa versa. And times when you are targeting someone, but not visa versa...a funtion of our modern day culture.

Our suggestion - study this Candidate inside and out, and make your choice based on whether or not you share significant values, life goals, interests, passions, and attraction. In our experience, age is highly overrated as a selection criterion, especially if bearing children is not an issue.

The best way to ensure that the bulk of the Clients who are presented to you are in YOUR targeted age preferences is to become a Personal Search Client. At that point, we're pulling Candidates for your study and selection and we use YOUR preferences as our primary filtering device.

Why is AGE not always on the Resumes at Julie Ferman?
Typically, our clients over 35 or 40 would rather not "lead" with the age information. Our policy about age, height, weight, and income is that we'll give you all the choice to reveal the info or not...but we won't lie for anyone, and if the Client or Member has chosen not to post that information on his/her Resume, we will not provide that information.

We go to great expense to provide professional photography at all of the events so we'll have as few surprises as possible on the first date. Attraction is a critical element on both sides of the table. Also, age matters lots more if two people are planning to have children together. It's less critical than shared passions, values, comfort and respect between the two. For those in our "grown-up" segment, it's really just not a big factor.

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