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Resume/Essay Completion Tips

What hints do you have for writing a profile that will bring me great results?
First and easiest hint: Avoid starting all your sentences with "I". Help the reader know you're not "all about me".

1. Reveal the real you, and paint pictures with your words. Rather than saying "I like to read", say "Favorite books: The Kite Runner, The Time Traveler's Wife" Don't say "I love to travel" - rather, "Best Travel Excursions: Backpack camping in Havasu Canyon, cute little bed and breakfasts through New England, The Four Seasons in Maui. Paint pictures. Don't say "I love to cook", rather, "My marinara sauce might match your mama's..."

2. Tell the TRUTH. Really. Many choose to fib online, and it's one of online dating's great frustrations. Say only what's true on your profile, including your weight or dress size, marital status, and yes, including your real age. I DON'T reveal age on the profiles, but as the matchmaker I need to know... and I insist on current face and full body shots. The idea? As few surprises as possible on the first date.

3. State your purpose. Your primary dating purpose. If you want to be married and have kids, say so. If you're just having fun, being adventurous, meeting people for casual dating, say so. You're much more likely to get what you want if you let people know why you're here.

How do I edit my profile?
Visit www.JulieFerman.com Log in, using your User ID and Password. Click GO. You will be taken to "My Activity". Click on "Edit My Personal Profile" and "My Personal Profile" page will open. Click on each of these choices to locate the desired part you want to edit. Make your changes and click "save" (anywhere on your profile) regularly.

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