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How Do I Have Fun And Meet Someone Special?

What's the secret to having fun during this dating process?
Err on the side of, "What the heck, let's meet!" Look for what's right and pleasing about this person. Watch for surprises. Prince or Princess Charming often shows up on an unfamiliar horse... Be open to dating "off-type" -- Ask the courageous question, "How far has 'my type' gotten me? And keep wrestling with that list of requirements, always willing to re-examine the top three critical criteria.

How long will it take me to meet "Mr or Miss Right"?
As a Julie Ferman Client or Member, you may experience disappointment or frustration (dating is full of both). Ours is a mutual selection process. We cannot guarantee that the Clients or Members you select will say Yes. Nor can we guarantee that you will be interested in those we present to you or those who are excited to meet you.

We ask that you be open-minded, study the other Clients and Members carefully, keeping in focus your most critical criteria (and theirs too!) and then, trust your instincts. It's a partnership we have, and you set the pace. It takes three of us to make a match - I'm here to present the possibilities and facilitate the introduction, but both you and the lady/gentleman need to be willing (hopefully eager!) to explore the possibilities with those who are accessible and available for a relationship.

Have a willing spirit and look for "possibilities" rather than flaws, imperfections, reasons why not...then you'll succeed here and elsewhere in the love arena. If you're too selective, fussy, picky, it will keep you on the sidelines.

How do I enjoy this process and create positive results at the same time?
Watch for surprises and keep your HUMOR. Dating is full of challenges, surprises, and disappointments too. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Be open to stretching your less critical criteria, and laugh off the disappointments. Stick with it and have FUN with it. Focus on contributing to each and every person with whom you email/call/meet and you simply can't fail. And remember...every experience leads you to the next. Our greatest challenges are also our most valuable learning experiences. (I know...I sound like your mom...but this is all true...!)

why am I having a difficult time meeting my "perfect partner"?
Yes, you should be selective, but we don't want you to miss any opportunities either. Here's what to do. Spend a few minutes in contemplation, brainstorming on that long, long list of qualities and characteristics which your ideal partner possesses (and it's OK to have a loooooooooooong list...) Next, isolate the top three or four and let us know what your most critical 3 or 4 "must-haves" are. Then we'll have some suggestions for you.

What if I hate his or her hairstyle, facial hair on him or how he or she is dressed in the photos?
Funny, but what seems normal and stylish to one person may seem eccentric, quirky, dull, old-fashioned, or just plain distasteful to another person. Just keep your humor and know that if a man becomes YOUR man..., or if a woman becomes YOUR woman, you'll be the one influencing future image, decor and fashion decisions. Most of us enjoy allowing our partner to help guide future image and design decisions.

Always go back to your Top Three Critical Criteria. If this person you're considering meeting has these top three...absolutely...err on the side of "let's meet" and you can work out these secondary preferences later.

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