Julie Ferman

Is Julie Ferman Private and Discreet?

How is Julie Ferman different from a typical internet dating service?
Our Clients and Members can't be 'browsed' freely by the public or our Active Search Clients. Julie and Kerry refer Clients and Members to each other for private and discreet study and selection. Last names, email addresses, and phone numbers are only released upon MUTUAL selection.

Julie Ferman is working actively for our Search Clients, those with whom we have personally met and who are paying members. Julie and Kerry supervise the entire process, reading each Post Date Evaluation, and coaching our Search Clients through the process. Think High Tech, High Touch. Someone's watching, and we actually care...

Who sees the post date evaluations I send to Julie Ferman?
No one but Julie or a staffer. You can rest assured your comments are kept private.

If I've said "no" or "future", does the other person see what I've said or the reason I've given?
If you are a search client and you have declined a candidate Julie has presented, that name will go into your history file and the declined person will not know you saw and "declined". The same goes for "Future". And we only pass along reasons if we're asked and if we feel it is appropriate or necessary.

Who sees my picture and when?
When your profile is complete, with both picture and essay, only those to whom you have been presented as a candidate will see your profile (picture and essay). If your profile is incomplete (that is, picture, but no essay), no one sees your picture but we at Julie Ferman.

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