Julie Ferman

What Do Women Want?

Is being a true gentleman really that important in the dating world? If so, to whom?
Julie Ferman is NOT online dating. It's a personal introduction service. We work at shortcutting the dating process for our clients -- introducing them to the people they really would like to meet, with as few surprises on the first few dates as possible. Those with whom our clients are having GREAT dating experiences...will simply be referred on into the future with greater confidence and frequency.

The more selective a man is, the more important it is that he be a complete gentleman with each Julie Ferman introduction, and with our staff. Or else, when that fabulous woman comes through our door (the one HE is hoping to meet) it might be another man who gets the chance to meet her. Yes, being a gentleman counts for a lot here. And most other places too. What does it mean to be a gentleman? And what does it mean to be a lady? We keep talking about that and we love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Feel free to offer your commentary to: Julie@JulieFerman.com

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