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What Are My Responsibilities?

What is Julie Ferman philosophy?
We are committed to the development of a community which fosters positive, fun, and enriching dating experiences. We encourage self-discovery, learning, growth, and reaching your relationship goals. Our aim is to gather love-seeking people together and to give you each a dignified, simple, and effective way to find each other and to make the right choices for the right reasons.

We think of ourselves as “possibilities brokers”. We present you with possible Candidates, and it’s up to each of you to select each other, to contact each other, and to engage in relationship (…or not). We request you to treat each other with respect, and that you communicate openly and honestly with each other and with us. We encourage you to be open-minded and to strive to broaden your interpretation of physical beauty, and for you to islolate for yourself your THREE most important Critical Criteria and communicate them to us and to each other through your Personal Resume. If the candidate meets your Top Three Critical Criteria, then we suggest that you stretch and say yes.

Some of our most successful matches have been surprises to one or the other, and often to us too! This process often takes patience, persistence, and...a sense of humor! We all need plenty of each. And remember my elderly Southern Belle, Anne's, advice to me: "Never turn down a date with anyone...You never know who his friends might be...!"

How soon do I need to give you an answer about a candidate?
Please be timely in your responses to others who've selected you. If you''ve been specifically selected, then he/she will be waiting for your reponse. What's the appropriate "time window"? Within a day or two. Please always return phone calls and emails from Julie Ferman members, and staff, no matter what, and within a day or two.

How do we work together to achieve success?
We’re now “partners” in your pursuit of love and fun, and here’s how YOU can help me help you: Ready?

-Do you check your email regularly? Great. Have you been receiving emails from Julie Ferman? Meaning we don't have spam filters keeping us from reaching you? Great.

-When one of our Clients is interested in meeting you, or if we recommend someone to you, you'll receive an email or call from us. We ask you to login quickly and respond within 48 hours with a “Yes”, “No thanks”, or “Maybe Later” so we don’t keep him/her waiting. Think you can do that? Fabulous.

Don't forget to click on "CC Impressions" (next to the "save my answer" button which you also need to hit) to see our personal impressions of this person!

-When you've both said YES, it's a Match, we ask the GENTLEMAN to pick up the phone (or email, if that’s her preference) and invite the LADY out on a date. Call us “old fashioned”, but we gals love this tradition!

-It’s super important to keep your “In Progress” check boxes up to date with each introduction so we will always know the status of each match. The post-date evaluations are so helpful to us to get to know you, and If you do YOUR part outlined above, then YOU are taking charge of your love life and helping us make things happen! Got it? Congratulations!

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