Julie Ferman

As Julie Ferman, What Will You Do For Me?

As Julie Ferman, what will you do for me?
Half of our job is the introduction process, presenting the most fitting and suitable candidates/possibilities and assisting you all in creating matches and in getting on that first date to meet each other. And the other part of our job, equally important, is the coaching part -- helping you all make the right choices for the right reasons and to help guide you through the maze that dating can be.

What results can I expect as a Julie Ferman client?
We're careful never to promise love or a relationship as the expected result of a limited search program or a larger, longer term search package -- it's simply impossible to promise or predict that any introduction will be magical, though we always hope for the best and do what we can to create possibilities for lasting connection with our clients and members.

It's so amazing to me how even with 17+ years in the dating industry, I can't predict which matches will stick and I can't predict which of our clients and members will be off in relationship quickly, and which ones will be single for months or years. I'm surprised all the time with our clients' matches and results. Some clients I think are going to be easy to match, and it's a struggle; and some I worry about and yet they sail through the process into relationship quickly.

How can I get the most out of my Julie Ferman experience?
What we know for sure is that the clients who have "buoyancy" -- who can remain upbeat and positive, who can keep the faith that the right one is out there and can manage to continue finding golden morsels in each person they meet --these are the clients whose investment here tends to really pay off, as we have such confidence in referring them on into the future as new Clients and Members cycle in.

Remember, always be nice and kind to your matchmakers and to each person you meet along this journey -- we meet fabulous men and women every day here and we want to have the utmost confidence in referring you to current and future prospects.

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