Julie Ferman

The Julie Ferman Introduction Process

How is Julie Ferman different than a traditional matchmaking service
Rather than sending two people on a blind date, we prefer that the two of you study each other carefully inside and out first, to engage with us in the selection process. Only when you BOTH agree do we put you in contact with each other to arrange a first date.

I've received an email indicating that I've been selected by someone. How do I find out who it is, and how do I respond?
Visit the site, login with your User ID and password, and visit the "My Activity"/"My Matches"/"Candidates" sections. You'll notice a red heart by the name of the person we're interested in having you meet. Click on the name below the photo to see the entire Resume. Then, minimize the Resume window or X it out to return to the In Progress section. Click "Yes" or "No", and "Save". The person will then move to the "In Progress" section or to the "History" section, depending on your chosen response.

Why am I being presented with Candidates who aren't as close as I'd like geographically?
When we run an active search for you, we are looking for our top five closest fits, based on:

1. the critical criteria you've shared with us

2. who is available to us for referral at that very moment in time

3. who we feel is most likely to be interested in meeting you.

As much as we'd like to be able to, we aren't able to wave a magic wand and instantly produce the ideal partner whose age preferences, religious and kids preferences, passions in life, income and professional status, AND geographical location are ALL in magical alignment with yours, AND who's physically your idea of perfection...but we try our best!

If the "perfect" candidate isn't in this month's line-up, well, see if there's someone in the bunch who merits your consideration, even if they're not next door. While we're looking for the perfect fit, we suggest that you always be willing to meet our "front runners" and keep an open mind. Many of our success story couples have overcome distance, scheduling challenges, traffic, and all of our modern day challenges to meet each other and have found ways to adjust their lives to include this new person they've brought into their lives.

Once a sincere interest is present on both sides, we're constantly amazed and delighted to see what kinds of hoops our Clients and Members are jumping through in order to be together.

How long should I wait for an answer?
Timing is a HUGE part of the dating process. We don't recommend getting impatient and clicking the "I'm ready to move on" button. Often we find that emails aren't being received, folks are traveling, busy, dating other people, etc. and timing might be better in several weeks or months down the road. Those who get impatient and who make judgments or assumptions about why the other person is behaving in a certain way or not initiating contact...miss lots of opportunities. Err on the side of being understanding, forgiving, and seeing possibility vs. fault and flaw...and you'll be much more successful. We suggest you wait a few days to a week.

What happens at the end of my Active Search Program?
If you are an Active Search Client, when your initial search program is over, you can elect to renew with us to stay on the active Search List, or you can revert to passive status. BUT, you'll always be eligible for referral on into the future, unless you notify us that you're in a relationship or prefer to be placed on Inactive status, for any reason.

We typically refer current and former search clients with more confidence. We won't 'drop' you from our referral list when your initial search program is over. You will, however, revert to passive status, waiting to be referred and waiting to be selected.

In an ideal world, each of us is partnered with someone who has plenty of money, who can pay for all of the things we want, but don't necessarily want to pay for ourselves. Right? We want to have respect for the person we're with, and it's easier to respect people who've created a comfortable, financially secure lifestyle. Here at Julie Ferman, we do not do financial background checks, and don't plan to start. We are much more concerned with a person's level of responsibility regarding money and finances than we are about earning power or asset accounts.

In the years I've been in this industry, I've seen many, many men and women wearing designer labels, driving expensive cars, and living in million dollar homes, just to learn later that they've got lousy credit, tax liens on their homes, and have lost their jobs or their fortunes. On the other hand, plenty of men and women with rather modest annual income can be and often are very, very sound financially, and in many cases more solid than their flambouyant outearning "competition".

I am happy to have "financial security" listed on a client's resume as one of his or her top three critical critieria, and we will absolutely keep that in mind in referring our most fitting Candidates for study and selection, however I am very careful not to promise that the candidates we'll refer for study and selection here are all in a particular income or financial bracket.

The way to approach dating as a professional, accomplished single man or woman? With an open mind, never overlooking someone who is stable and responsible, and I recommend a willingness for both parties, especially in a grown-up post-kids relationship to pitch in on finances. My recommendation is always -- be willing to meet the best of our Julie Ferman candidates, and be flexible about how the money issue gets handled, and let's see who shows up.

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