Dating Consultation with Julie Ferman, by phone: $295

Schedule a personal consultation with Julie Ferman by Phone, wherever you happen to be on the planet. The focus? Your Love Life.

Given who you are, at this time in your life, which dating solutions are YOUR best options? Should you be doing online dating, should you have a profile up on those crazy dating apps? How are your flirting skills? Should you be hosting your own parties? Are you targeting the right people? Are you missing opportunities? Are you shooting our of your league? What are your MOST important criteria that YOU should be focused on?

We'll create your and your personal profile for matchmaking or online dating.

Matchmaking Consultation. We'll determine together if we're a good fit for each other for personal matchmaking, and if so, your $295 consultation fee applies toward your matchmaking program.

If you're going to be dating, let's make sure you're doing dating well. That's the purpose of this consultation. And spending this time together will set you up for success and you'll be fully registered with Julie, eligible for referrals to her current and future clients.

Fees are payable by check, credit card or via Paypal. This level of service does not include a promise of personal introductions. Should we decide together to enter into a personal matchmaking service agreement, this consultation applies toward personal matchmaking services.

"Julie, I want to thank you in particular, for all of your coaching. It is because of you and your sound advice that I was able to find and attract such a wonderful man into my life, to realize that he was the one, and to continue to do all the things you taught me to keep him happy. I love you so much and will be forever grateful." Paulette

Only $295.00

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