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why do i need professional photos

Why should I have professional photos on my profile?
We highly recommend you have professional photos taken because we're having DOUBLE and TRIPLE the match rate with those who've done the photos right! Here's a link to professional photographers who do fabulous work: http://julieferman.lookbetteronline.com/Home/Page.asp?page=home

How do I put my pictures on my profile?
Once you've logged into the site, you can upload them yourself by clicking on "Edit My Personal Resume" and then clicking "More About Me", scroll down and see "Image Upload". Click on browse to find your photo, and click on "upload". Click on "Save". Be sure to click on one photo as your main photo or none will show!" Or you can email your photos to Julie@JulieFerman.com, Info@JulieFerman.com and we'll upload them for you.

How do I see my picture that was taken at a Julie Ferman event?
Within a day or two of the event, we will upload your picture onto your profile and send you a "Welcome" note. Visit the site, www.JulieFerman.com. Login, using the User ID and Password we sent to you in our post event "welcome". Click "Go". See "My Activity" page. Click on "Edit My Personal Resume."

Why do you need my name and email address when I have my picture taken at an event?
We need to be able to identify you so we can upload your picture on YOUR profile! Our professional photographer will choose the best shot of you to upload.

How do I see a larger version of the pictures?
Just click on them twice and they will enlarge!

How do I remove or replace photos?
To remove photos, just log on, click on "Edit My Resume", click on "Upload Image" and you'll see a box titled "remove". You can add, remove, hide, or whatever you want. At least one photo needs to be clicked as your main photo.

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