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how much does it cost to participate

Is it really FREE to participate with Julie Ferman?
It's FREE to be registered with us. Just click on REGISTER, complete your Personal Resume, load or email us a good, current photo or two, and we'll include you in our matchmaking referral process. You cannot be 'browsed' here on our Julie Ferman website. It's PRIVATE. Rather, you'll be available to us for referral to our Personal Search Clients as we are searching proactively for them. Last names and contact information is available only when you've BOTH said Yes to meeting each other. Free Registry Members are passive, waiting to be referred, and waiting to be selected.

Is everyone at Julie Ferman a paying Client?
No. Julie Ferman has both paying Clients and non-paying passive referral Members. We encourage all single love-seekers to register with us, however we're only working proactively for those who are our current Clients. We have successfully matched many of our Clients with other paying Clients, and just as many with passive non-paying Members.

How much does it COST to be a Personal Search Client?
Julie Ferman offers a wide variety of active search programs, based on who you are, the type of person you're interested in dating, and the level of challenge that your search presents to our agency. First step - finish your Personal Resume here on the site and then once we've had a chance to study who you are, we'll know which programs to discuss with you. You can write directly to Info@JulieFerman.com.

Why should I become an active search Client?
Rather than waiting for an occasional referral from us, your search will become our priority, and we will be working proactively for YOU. Personal Search programs are offered by invitation only. Complete your Personal Resume and we'll be in touch to let you know if you qualify and if we think it's a good fit for us both. BR>

How is Julie Ferman different than other matchmaking agencies, or from an online dating site?
Our Clients can't be 'browsed' freely by the public or by our Clients or Members. Julie is the matchmaker, working proactively on behalf of our current Clients. Julie Ferman provides ongoing coaching and feedback to the Clients for whom we're working.

Think High Tech, High Touch. Someone's watching, and actually cares...

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